Can Moving Companies Work on Weekends?

Learn about the pros & cons of working with moving companies on weekends & how LoadUp offers eco-friendly disposal methods & professional contractors.

Can Moving Companies Work on Weekends?

Yes, moving companies work on weekends. But before you hire a moving company for your planned weekend move, you should consider the pros and cons of moving on a weekend instead of a week. House movers offer a professional service that can help make moving easier. A moving company will help you get your things out of your old house and place them in the new one, although the exact service available will vary.

Many moving companies offer a range of services, depending on your needs and budget. For example, you can choose a simple service that requires you to pack all your belongings in boxes provided by the moving company, which they will simply move from A to B. Alternatively, you can pack most of your belongings yourself and leave fragile items to the professionals, or go the whole pig with a full packing service. Most moving companies will be happy to help you with this process if it's something you're not sure about, and they'll know the right people to talk to and when.

When it comes to disposing of old items, do your best to research the company and choose a green service like LoadUp to properly recycle, donate, and dispose of garbage for you. You can download the items yourself for the moving company to pack them, or if you can't access them yourself, you can ask your moving company to do it for you. For health and safety reasons, most moving companies only empty an attic as long as it is properly covered and illuminated and can be safely accessed via a ladder. If you only need to move a small number of products or don't have time to conduct a survey, some companies may be able to send you a self-survey form that you can fill out on your own.

LoadUp is the first national garbage disposal service to omit on-site estimates and offers faster next-day service with costs often 20 to 30% less than average. The traditional way most garbage moving companies work is that a salesman is scheduled to come to your door to give you a quote. It's entirely up to you what you decide to do with regard to the packaging of your products: if you're willing to pack your own items and you're sure to do it, that's absolutely fine, but the moving company can usually do it for you if you want to. Find out everything you need to know to find and choose the right moving company for you with The Ultimate Guide to Removal Companies.

When scheduling garbage removal, the company sends a team of carriers to your location to take it from where you are and transport it for proper disposal. Many garbage moving companies advertise same-day service, but this can be misleading as it doesn't always mean same-day pickup. Serving more than 172 cities across the country, LoadUp uses eco-friendly disposal methods and professional contractors that are local to the cities it serves, making it the perfect garbage disposal company to use if you want to avoid any problems with garbage disposal. In addition, the moving company will send people who can quickly move items out of the house and transport them to your new location.

If you need storage as part of your move - either temporarily between houses or for the long term - then start by looking for a moving company in your area that also offers storage for moving. You'll be able to find plenty of garbage disposal companies when searching “garbage disposal near me” or Yelp for garbage disposal services in your area.