What should i do before the movers come?

Go around one room at a time and throw away any useless or unused items you find. Order them in boxes labeled Trash Bin, Donate and Gift.

What should i do before the movers come?

Go around one room at a time and throw away any useless or unused items you find. Order them in boxes labeled Trash Bin, Donate and Gift. Once everything is packed, try to sort the boxes by weight to make it easier for carriers to load. Keep piles of boxes away from doors so that everyone can walk around easily.

Avoid piling things on heavy furniture that are loaded first into the van. You are not expected to make any of the moves, but moving companies are likely to ask you where to put things in the new house, what will happen, what will not, etc. This is important because if what you pack breaks during transport, the moving company may not be responsible for it. Depending on the inclement weather, moving companies can take an assembly line approach to prevent moving companies from getting stuck in the mud.

When the truck couldn't turn back in the driveway, my movers would park it at the bottom, open the side doors, and get to work without complaints or negativity. Moving companies may still have questions about certain objects, but the plan gives them an idea of the most obvious ones, such as the sofa, the dining table, etc. Mark it as a “room without luggage” and consider locking it to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts with the moving company (in case a valuable item mysteriously disappears, for example). But how do you prepare for moving companies? How do you prepare your home, your items, your family and yourself for the big day? Before those from the moving company arrive, go through the garage and attic, look under the stairs, open the drawers and cabinets (especially the furniture that will be left behind), etc.

Express your expectations beforehand and accredited carriers and packers in the Bay Area will work hard to keep you satisfied and go above and beyond. Before moving day, determine if you or the carriers will be responsible for packing and unpacking your belongings. The best movers and packers from the right moving company in San Rafael, backed by organization and preparation, are the key to a successful move. Not only will the inventory of the move help you obtain an accurate estimate of the move and keep a better record of your belongings, but it will also serve as a detailed packing list, facilitate labeling and unpacking and, most importantly, serve as proof in case some of your items are lost or damaged while they are in the custody of the moving company and you have to file a claim.

Also, be sure to mark all household items (larger items, such as furniture and appliances that can't be moved to a separate room) that won't be moved to your new home, so that carriers know that these items shouldn't be packed or loaded into the moving truck. Being there on the day of the move will help everything go smoothly when the moving company has any questions for you. When you prepare for the move, make sure that all the items you are going to place in the moving truck are clean and dry. Not only will it not be fun to unpack dusty furniture, dirty appliances and stained fabrics in your new home, but the remaining moisture and dirt can damage your items during the moving process (moisture can cause mold growth, dirt can ruin delicate surfaces, etc.

If you live in an apartment, ask your manager if there are any requirements for you) and the moving company for the day of the move.